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Artwizz HangOn Band for Hangon Case
Artwizz HangOn Band for Hangon Case
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Allows you to wear your smartphone around your neck or body and keep your hands free

Bayonet clasp allows quick attachment and removal

Also suitable for other protective cases with integrated loops

Adjustable in length up to 1.50 m

Not compatible with Artwizz HangOn Case Pro

Design your mobile everyday life to be just as individual as you are! With the Artwizz HangOn Band, you have the freedom to create a personalized smartphone accessory that fits you and your style. Developed exclusively for the Artwizz HangOn Case, you can choose cords in a wide range of colors, materials and designs. You’ll never have enjoyed hanging out with your smartphone more!

Maximum quality equals maximum comfort:

Every single Artwizz HangOn Band is made from only the most carefully selected materials. Our smartphone case cords are particularly light and soft, and extremely comfortable to wear. Each cord is 1.50 meters long and fitted with a double metal cord stopper, which means you can easily and comfortably adjust the cord to your desired length. You can use the exchangeable cords to wear your HangOn Case loosely as crossbody case, with the freedom to take photos or send messages comfortably on the go. Or you can make the cord a bit shorter and wear your smartphone around your neck, where it’s always close to hand.

They may measure just 6 millimetres in diameter, but all of our smartphone cords are highly durable and hard-wearing. They won’t stretch after lengthy and repeated use and are designed to retain their shape, even after numerous visits to playgrounds or music festivals.

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