Take your dog out to play all day and catch some air with Waboba Jetwag. Jetwag is a durable, soft rubber disc that flies far and high. Perfect for dogs of all sizes to retrieve at the beach, park, or backyard. Dog tested and approved. Howl yeah! WARNING! THIS IS NOT A CHEW TOY. For supervised play only. Know your dog and choose the appropriate size and type of toy to prevent choking or other harm. Inspect this toy regularly; if toy is damaged or if parts become separated, remove toy and parts as injury may result. For retrieval play only.
3.000 KD 3.0 KWD
Red LED light lights up for 10 seconds
Light projects flame pattern
Soft rubber shuttlecock
Designed for beating with hands, knees and feet
Size: 18 x 8 x 8 cm
4.500 KD 4.5 KWD
The Waboba voli racket set adds a new dimension to playing with the flyer
The paddles fit like a glove and hit like a racket
Just keep the aerodynamic flyer off the ground for as long as you can
No net or court needed, you can play anywhere!
This set includes two foam mitts and a Ababa flyer shuttlecock
7.500 KD 7.5 KWD
Extra bounce to chase the fun
Quantity: 1pc

Package Dimensions: 2.756 x 2.165 x 6.811 in
2.500 KD 2.5 KWD
A new way to play with the water bouncing balls. Take baseball, cricket, or homerun derby to the beach, pool, or lake with Water Cracket! Set comes with a Waboba Zag ball. Simply bounce the Zag ball on the water to pitch it to batters, and put a spin on classic games!

Come with a Waboba Zag (colors may vary)
Durable, high-quality cricket bat
Handle with grip
Ages 8+
Bat length: 36 in/91 cm
9.000 KD 9.0 KWD
Paws down, the most fun retrieval toy for water-loving dogs
Bright yellow design allows for maximum visibility
Waboba Fetch is engineered with a firmer core and reinforced stitching for extra durability
Perfect dog toy to take to the lake, beach or river on your next outing or family vacation
Know your dog and the appropriate size and type of toy to prevent choking or other harm; For supervised play only (not a chew toy)
3.000 KD 3.0 KWD
Made with natural materials of jute and rubber tree.
Suitable for wet or dry play
Recyclable packaging
Size: 23.5 x 23.5 x 23.5 cm
6.000 KD 6.0 KWD
Suitable for playing in water and on land
The packaging is made of recycled paper and cardboard.
Size: 20.5 x 2.5 x 37.8 cm

Basswood Blend, Glue, Pine Wood
7.500 KD 7.5 KWD
Waboba Catch is the perfect way to take your favorite ambidextrous set to the water
Neoprene fits in both hands and the water is specially designed for play
Grab some friends or family and head to the beach or lake and for a whole new catch-and-throw experience.
Includes a Waboba Pro ball
Recommended for ages 7 and up | Packaging dimensions: 3 "x 15.5" x 8.5 "
7.500 KD 7.5 KWD
Now pizza isn't just edible. you can throw them outGet these special versions of silicone pizza frisbee.The menu has four flavors: cheese, italian sausage, assorted vegetables and hawaii (specially designed for odd coffees with pineapples on pizza).

The frisbee is made of silicone, and you can fold the frisbee with your hand and squeeze it easily.

💫-silicone frisbee, foldable and placed in your pocket
💫-overflight up to 40 meters
💫-indoor and outdoor play, day and night
2.500 KD 2.5 KWD
Waboba Flyer is the aerodynamically designed toy that can be kicked, hit, smacked or thrown
A cross between a badminton birdie and a hacky sack, the Waboba is a great all-ages activity to get outside and moving
Great for working on hand-eye or foot-eye coordination as you work to keep it off the ground and in the air
Can be easily transported to any outdoor family vacation or outing
Colors will vary | Recommended for ages 8 years and up
3.000 KD 3.0 KWD
Smaller size. It is 40% smaller in volume than ragular moon balls, but still bounces out of this world
The bouncing ball family has been expanded with a special member, as in addition to the well-known Waboba Moon, Mini Moon Bouncing have now reached space and popularity.
The ball offers classic quality, extreme bounce and sound effect in a glamorous mini size and bold pastel colors.
Try this fun palm yourself, play with the family, or simply toss and try to break your own height record
Colors may vary. Recommended for children 5 years and over. Size: 2.2 in
Number of players: 1, 1 - 4
1.500 KD 1.5 KWD
My head may be round, but I love to hit the ground. Catch me on the playground.

High bouncing ball
Easy to catch
Bounces sky high
Size: 2.16 in / 55mm diameter
1.500 KD 1.5 KWD
If you're looking for an excuse to play in the sun, the Lava ball is it. Take it outside and watch the yellow cracks erupt to red in the sun. The Lava ball features UV color changing technology, not to mention it bounces sky high!

Hyper bouncing ball
Bounces sky-high
Yellow changes to red in the sun
Ages 3+
3.000 KD 3.0 KWD
Waboba Toys and Games Super Gliding Head

My head may be hollow, but air makes me swallow. I’m easy to follow.

Glides through the air
Easy to throw far
Throw overhand/underhand
Size: 8.2 in / 210mm
1.750 KD 1.75 KWD
Waboba Wingman is a foldable, silicone flying disc that's always along for the ride! With its unique aerodynamic design, Wingman flies over 130 feet! Plus, with its silicone material, you can easily catch it by squishing it in your hand, or fold it and put it in your pocket.

Silicone flying disc
Flies over 130ft/ 40 meters
Flies straight as an arrow
Catchable. Foldable. Collectible. Portable.
Indoors or outdoors
NOT A WATER TOY - does not float
Size: 150 mm / 6 inches
2.500 KD 2.5 KWD
A small step for Waboba, a giant bounce for mankind-thee Moon ball's crazy, gravity-defying features will turn a routine game into an out of this world experience
Waboba moon ball makes a unique "pop!" Sound when it hits the pavement
This high-flying outdoor ball bounces up to 100 feet in the air! (30 meters)
Perfect to take anywhere, Use the Moon ball at playground, skate parks, gym courts and more!
Colors will vary. Recommended for ages 5 years and up - Size: 2.48''
Number of players: 1, 1-4
3.000 KD 3.0 KWD
MULTI-ANGLE ADJUSTMENT: Rapid Adjust - one-handed, multi-angle adjustment during gameplay. Unlimited one-handed angle adjustment and tilt for non-stop gaming comfort

EXTENDABLE ARMS: Large extendable arms hold phones securely — big, small, OtterBox case and without

OPTIMAL CONTROLLER BALANCE: Optimal controller balance, no added wrist stress

PREMIUM RUBBER GRIP: Premium rubber grip secures phone with zero button and switch interference

EASY STORAGE: Foldable clip lies flat and nests seamlessly in OtterBox Carry Case for easy storage and transportation

9.000 KD 9.0 KWD
GAMEPLAY ON THE GO: Gaming Carry Case is more than a protective case - it keeps you organized and ready for gameplay wherever the journey takes you.

PROTECTS AGAINST DROPS, BUMPS AND FUMBLES: Durable case protects controller, triggers and joysticks against drops, bumps and fumbles

WATER-RESISTANT: Durable and water-resistant

CABLE PASS-THROUGH INCLUDED: Cable pass through for charging Xbox controller and OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries inside

INTEGRATED SCREEN STAND: Quick flip screen stand converts into a mobile command center that holds your phone in place at any angle for gameplay on the go
12.000 KD 12.0 KWD
Gaming Glass Privacy Guard antimicrobial screen protector is the must-have gaming screen protector that gives you long-lasting ultra-durable protection while ensuring you're the only one watching your screen. Privacy technology blocks the view from the sides of your device without compromising any clarity for you.

Materials: Aluminosilicate
7.43-in x 2.66-in x 0.03-in | 18.87-cm x 6.76-cm x 0.08-cm
0.10-lbs | 46.38-g

Advanced drop protection for shatter resistance
2X anti-scratch tech for unparalleled strength and vivid clarity*
Two-way horizontal privacy glass blocks unwanted viewing, keeping game play private when gaming in public
Reinforced edges resist chipping
Antimicrobial agent blocks microbial growth†
Maintains screen brightness and clarity

*Versus soda lime glass

†Antimicrobial technology does not protect the user or provide any express or implied public health benefit

iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Pro
8.500 KD 8.5 KWD

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