Does not come with Apple Watch Charger, Install your own.

Keep all your devices fully charged with our multi-device charging station, the Air Omni Lite. Position-free wireless charging allows you to charge your Qi-enabled phones and earbuds wherever you place them on the pad. Switch quickly between the Type-C/Lightning connector for 18W fast charging for your cell phone or tablet, and even your Nintendo Switch! Add your own Apple Watch charging module using the built-in mount to charge your Apple Watch flat or in nightstand mode. Air Omni Lite is available in three colors and materials: Aramid, Grey Cloth, and Walnut.


Length: 8.1in (205.6mm)
Width: 6.7in (171.9mm)
Height: 1.2in (31.1mm)

Lightning/Type-C Connector Output: 18W
Qi Wireless Charging Coils Output: 7.5W/10W
AirPods Wireless Charging Area Output: 5W
Apple Watch USB Output: 5W
Type-C and Type-A Charging Ports Output: 18W (15W for dual devices)



Wireless Charging Pad

All Qi-enable Devices
Apple AirPods with wireless charging case and Samsung Galaxy Buds
Earbuds Charging Pad

Apple AirPods with wireless charging case
Samsung Galaxy Buds
Powerbeats Pro Charging Case
Apple Watch Charging Mount

Series SE/6/5/4/3/2&1 (Ceramic, Titanium, Steel, Aluminum, Sport, and Nike versions)

Compatible with original Apple watch charger (USB A)

Lightning & Type-C Toggle

All devices using Lightning or Type-C charging

Type-C Charging Port

All Type-C Charging Devices

Type-A Charging Port

All Type-A Charging Devices

The Lightning & Type-C Toggle should not be used if the device is upside down.

Materials and Tech

Aramid fiber
Chain-Coil™ Technology
Multiple wireless charging coils allow for the positionless charging of your devices.
47.000 KD 47.0 KWD
Elago's new Tray Duo is COMPATIBLE WITH MagSafe and HELPS ORGANIZE your space by providing an area to keep your things in ONE SPOT. KEEP YOUR DESK OR COUNTER ORGANIZED while CHARGING your phone and Apple Watch!

THE TRAY IS MADE FROM premium, scratch-free silicone material which helps PROTECT YOUR THINGS and the surface the Tray rests on. Keep your keys, wallet, rings, etc in the tray section and ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOUR THINGS ARE!

CABLE MANAGEMENT CUTOUTS HELP KEEP the cable clutter organized and out of the way. ORGANIZE, PROTECT, AND CHARGE at the same time! MagSafe and Apple Watch Charger not included!

PERFECT GIFT FOR any Apple lover! Great for BIRTHDAY PRESENTS for loved ones and gifts during the holiday season – ESPECIALLY CHRISTMAS and other HOLIDAYS!

elago is a DESIGN COMPANY FIRST AND FOREMOST. Our motto is SIMPLE SOPHISTICATION because we create products that are USEFUL AND AWESOME! WE ALWAYS CREATE products that WE OURSELVES USE, so we know YOU WILL LOVE IT!
6.000 KD 6.0 KWD
Elago Charging Tray Duo for Magsafe and Apple Watch
Elago Charging Tray Duo for Magsafe and Apple Watch
Sold Out
Elago Charging Tray Duo for Magsafe and Apple Watch
MagEZ Slider

A multi-Device Wireless Charger for Your Devices with MagSafe and Qi Wireless Charging Compatibility.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously - MagEZ Battery Pack

Slide the power pack in the specific spot to charge.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously - iPhone 14/13/12 Series

Attaching and charging your iphone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 is a snap.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously - AirPods

Adjust the magnetic stand to charge your AirPods or other Qi-enabled wireless earbuds with or without a wireless charging case.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously - Apple Watch

Plugin and charge your Apple Watch using the Power Dongle.

Your Perfect Desktop Companion

When you don't use your phone, simply mount it on the multi-device charging dock, so you can charge your mobile while you work. They will be charged up while you focus on your big project. No more sitting by your phone waiting for it to get ready when you need it. In addition, you can use it as a phone stand to Facetime or check messages.

The Smallest Multi-Device Charger

The MagEZ Slider takes only the space of a mug. Yet, it helps keep you on track to live and work more efficiently.

Slide Out and Go

The battery is not yet charged to full? Chill. Slide the MagSafe power pack and your iPhone out of the dock and charge on the go.

Slide In to Charge Your Power Bank

When you are home or back to the office, slide them into the dock, so the power pack will be juiced up again for your next adventure.

The Small yet Powerful Power Pack

With dynamic magnets, the power pack makes a mechanical sound when the phone is attached to it, so you know they're perfectly aligned for safe and reliable wireless charging.

The ergonomically designed MagSafe power pack fits comfortably in your hand. And it has battery indicators and vibration mode for a low battery.

Crafted from our signature material aramid fiber, the power pack has this durable shell with a smooth texture that exudes classic style.

Have A Little Fun

We make things that provide convenience and inspiration to bring joy and serve humans. The multi-device wireless charger has a one-of-a-kind carousel design, allowing 360-degree access to all your devices with a simple spin. And the sound of the clock ticking might help when you feel stressed or bored.


Phone charging: Compatible with iPhone 12 series & iPhone 13 series and iphone 14 series without a case or with a MagSafe case.
Earbuds charging: Charges Qi wireless charging earbuds including AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds R170 and Galaxy Buds Pro R190.

Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
Power Type C Port Input: DC 9V/2.22A
Power Type C Port Output: DC 5V/2A
Power Bank C Port Input (during wireless charging): DC 5V/2A
Power Bank C Port Input/Output: DC 5V/1.5A
Type C Port for Dongle Output: DC 5V/1A
Wireless Output: 5W
AirPods Wireless Output: 5W
Transmission Distance: ≤8mm
Transmission Efficiency: ≤75%
Aramid fiber
Zinc alloy
MagEZ Slider: 76 x 76 x 111.8mm
In the Box:

1 x MagEZ Slider Dock
1 x MagEZ Battery Pack
1 x Magnetic Earbuds Stand
1 x C to C cable
1 x Power Dongle
57.000 KD 57.0 KWD
The Air Omni is a unique 6-in-1 multiple-device wireless charging station capable of charging all your Apple and Android devices. Charge your Apple Watch upright or flat using the built-in module and use the toggle to quickly switch between the Lightning and Type-C plug to fast charge your mobile, tablet, or Nintendo Switch. Place your Qi-supported phone or earbuds on the wireless charging pads for convenient, positionless charging.

[6 in 1 Charging Station] The PITAKA Air Omni charging station can simultaneously charge up to 6 different devices. There are 3 wireless charging areas for your phone, wireless earbuds, and Apple Watch, and 3 additional charging areas for your tablet and other devices. Charge a tablet both horizontally and vertically, allowing use while charging.

[Uninterrupted Wireless Charging] PITAKA’s Chain-coil technology offers positionless charging for your phone and earbuds, allowing you to place your device anywhere on the pad. Charge your earbuds at 5 Watts, iPhone at 7 Watts, and up to 10 Watts for Android devices. The built-in Apple Watch charger can charge your smartwatch both flat or upright with the push of a button.

[18W Fast Charging Lightning and Type-C Connector] Choose between the Lightning and Type-C, depending on your device. With the back panel folded up, simply press the button to easily switch between the connectors and charge your Apple or Android devices, including your mobile, tablet, or Nintendo Switch.

[Stylish Design Made with Premium Materials] Designed using premium aerospace-grade aramid fibre that is smooth, light, and extremely durable. Aramid is highly scratch and flame resistant, soft to the touch and easy to clean. Unlike carbon fibre, aramid fibre is not conductive and, therefore, safe to use as part of a wireless charging pad.

[Saves Time and Space] Eliminates the clutter of having multiple cables and chargers by providing all your charging needs in one place. Store small personal items, such as sims cards and jewellery in the LED-lit drawer. The Air Omni's compact design allows it to be stored or transported easily.
63.000 KD 63.0 KWD
The Xtorm Power Stage is the ideal solution to charge different Apple devices at the same time. The Apple Watch can easily be placed at the dock and the charging process starts automatically. Left from the Apple Watch, the iPad (mini) or iPhone can be placed. Through the Lightning connector, the charging starts directly after placing the device. At the back side of the Xtorm Power Station Stage are two USB ports for two extra devices. The Xtorm Power Station Stage can charge four devices at the same time with only one AC outlet. The Xtorm Power Station Stage is made from high quality aluminium and has a luxury look. The Xtorm Power Station Stages has an official Apple Licence.
7.500 KD 3.750 KD 3.75 KWD
VINTAGE DESIGN: View your Apple Watch display through a blast from the past. The display lines up perfectly to seem as though it is the display of an old Apple monitor.
EASY TO USE: Simply place your Apple Watch on the stand to charge your watch; keep this stand near your bed to allow use of key functions such as alarm clocks and messages.
MATERIAL: The elago W3 is made from scratch-free silicone to prevent damage to your Apple Watch and to prevent it from moving around when resting on a surface.
COMPATIBILITY: Works with all Apple Watch Series and is compatible with Apple Watch Nightstand Mode (WatchOS 2 or Latest Version)
DISCLAIMER: Charging Cable and Apple Watch are NOT INCLUDED.
3.000 KD 3.0 KWD
Elago Apple Watch W3 Stand
Sold Out
Elago Apple Watch W3 Stand
Sold Out
Sold Out
Versatile View

Featuring a brushed metal rotating arm on a sophisticated gearing system, DOCK makes it effortless to use your Apple Watch as it recharges. Plus, the reversible design lets you position the watch on either side of the base.

For Every Apple Watch

DOCK is compatible with all Apple Watch models, sizes, and strap styles for ultimate convenience.

Fuss-free Assembly

Precision-engineered without screws, simply snap DOCK’s two minimal components together for effortless charging. Feed your Apple Watch charging cable where it becomes an integrated part of the design. Charging cable not included.

Nightstand Mode >
Use your Apple Watch as an alarm clock by connecting it in horizontal orientation for automatic Nightstand mode.

Apple Watch Cable NOT included
7.500 KD 7.5 KWD

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