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Slim fit, sleek carry. Considered and minimal for on-the-go protection in style. Designed with a magnetic closure for effortless access to your MacBook, with an extra quick-access pocket for even easier reach to your daily essentials.

Our latest take on the laptop sleeve takes consideration for the on-the-go lifestyle even further. Enhancing the way you interact with your device throughout the day with faster, easier access. Retaining timeless style with sleek textile and a slimmer finish that carries its own whether in your carry-on or as a standalone. Protection that does more than just protect.

Product Material: Polyester, Nylon, Polyethylene, Polyurethane

13" Model:
Compatibility: Macbook 12", MacBook Pro 13" (2016-2020) and MacBook Air 13"
Height – 9.53 in. / 24.2 cm
Width – 13.7 in. / 34.8 cm
Depth – 0.43 in. / 1.1 cm
Weight – 0.55 lbs / 0.25 kg

25.000 KD 25.0 KWD
RainDesign i level 2

Adjusting height has never been easier: simply drag iLevel's slide to rise or lower screen height to suit different individual ergonomics. iLevel transform your notebook into a dynamic and stylish workstation.

-Unique angle-adjustable sliding mechanism ensures you get the precise viewing angle easily.
-Aluminum base cools your notebook by acing as heat sink.
-Tilt design brings screen closer and improves notebook airflow.
-Anodized aluminum matches Macbooks.
-Space to stash keyboard.
-Fits all Macbooks and compatible with most notebooks.

Brand: RainDesign
20.000 KD 20.0 KWD

*5 in 1 mobile hub Aluminum Type-C pocket pro hub adapter turns a single USB-C connection into five ports including 4K HDMI port,PD charging port, 3.5mm audio jack,SD and micro SD slot.
*HDMI 4K High Resolution: Supports ultra-high resolution up to 4K@60Hz for desktop and 2K@60Hz for iPad Pro. Requires a direct HDMI to HDMI connection.
*USB C Charging and SD + TF Slot: USB-C PD charging port supports power delivery. Transfer data and charge your device at the same time. Use as a portable power bank while connected to iPad Pro. Access files from Micro SD and SD card slots for quick data transfer.
*Wide Compatibility: Compatible with iPad Pro 2018, MacBook Pro, MacBook, Recommended for tablet or smartphone. Does not support 2017 or earlier iPad models.)
21.000 KD 21.0 KWD
RainDesign m Stand 360 wit swivel base transforms your notebooks into a stylish and stable workstation so you can work comfortably and share ideas with others spontaneously at the push of a finger.

-Swivel base lets you share your ideas with friends and coworkers.
-Solid single piece aluminum design provides stablility.
-Aluminum cools your notebook by acting as heat sink.
-Tilt design brings notebook screen closer to you.
-Tilt design improves the airflow of your notebook.
-Anodized aluminum matches Macbooks.
-Cable outlet keeps your desk organized.
-Space to stash keyboard.
-Fits Macbooks and compatible with most notebook.

Brand: RainDesign
20.000 KD 20.0 KWD
RainDesign m Stand transforms your notebook into a stylish and stable workstation so you can work comfortably and safety all day.

-Solid single piece aluminum design provides stability
-Aluminum cools your notebook by acing as heat sink.
-Tilt design bring notebook screen closer to you.
-Tilt design improves the airflow of your notebook.
-Anodized aluminum matches Macbook.
-Cable outlet keeps you desk organized.
-Space to stash keyboard.
-Fits all Macbook and compatible with most notebooks.

Brand: RainDesign
17.000 KD 17.0 KWD
RainDesign mTower gives your notebook the illusion of floating for a clean and sleek desktop setup when using an external monitor as the single display while taking up only about a third of your notebooks footprint.

-Solid single piece design.
-Aluminum body with air vent acts as large heat sink to cool notebook.
-Saves space and keeps you desk tidy.
-Anodized aluminum matches Apple Macbook.
-Fits all Macbooks and compatible with most notebooks.

Brand: RainDesign
m Tower
17.000 KD 17.0 KWD
RainDesign iLap is a versatile stand that keeps your laptop and your lap cool. The hinged cushion offers flexibility.

-Raises screen better ergonomics.
-Work on both lap and desk.
-Soft foam cushions support give you hours of comfort. Removable for portability.
-Aluminum base cools your notebook by acting as heat sink.
-Anodized aluminum matches Macbooks.
-Cable outlet keeps your desk organized.
-Fits all Macbooks and compatible with most notebooks.

Brand: RainDesign
15.000 KD 15.0 KWD
Stylist Notes

The Native Union Stow Sleeve is a premium solution for storing and protecting your MacBook in style. The Sleeve features a padded interior and an exterior quick-access pocket for storing accessories, while its slim and lightweight design makes it perfect for everyday carrying.

Product Features

Padded interior
Made with durable coated fabric and genuine leather
Pocket for storing accessories
Slim and lightweight design won't weigh you down

Fabric, Leather, SoftTouch
Sleeve, Ultra - Thin
25.000 KD 25.0 KWD
Provide a snug and protective home for your laptop or tablet from everyday wear and tear with the UAG sleeve. Keep your gear looking like new longer. Slim enough to still stow in your bag or backpack. Now your device can brave the great outdoors.

-Wear-resistant materials & interior mesh pocket
-Tactile grip, easy access & internal straps to hold device in place
-Fits 11-13" devices. Military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G-516.6)

*Sleeve is compatible with MacBook 12”, MacBook Air 11.6”, MacBook Air/Pro 13.3”, iPad Pro 12.9”, Surface Book 2 13.5”, Surface Laptop 2017-2018, Surface Pro 6/5/4/3 & Surface Go, Surface Pro X 12.9”, Dell 3100 Chromebook 11.6”, Dell Inspiron 13 7000 12.1”, Lenovo 100E Chromebook 11.6”, Lenovo Ideapad 730 S 12.1”, HP Smart Buy Chromebook 11.6”, HP Envy 13”, HP Spectre X360 12.1”, HP Elite Dragonfly 12”, and Acer Chromebook 12”, and other Laptops, Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Chromebooks 11" to 13"

Non-slip grip to the touch with added weatherproof protection.

Heavy duty zipper protects from unwanted debris keeping your device looking fresh.

Keep extra laptop/device accessories close.

Strong internal straps to lock your device in place keeping it safe and secure.

18.000 KD 18.0 KWD
Fits the Apple Macbook Pro 13-inch (4th Gen, 2016-2020)
Compatible with both Touch Bar and Non-Touch Bar models
Armor shell and impact resistant bumpers
Dual lock secure screen closure
Tactile grip
Cooling vents for uncompromised air flow
Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)
Compatible with the MacBook Pro 13-inch (4th Gen, 2016-2019) with Touch Bar and Non-Touch Bar Model Numbers: A1708, A1706, A1989
25.000 KD 25.0 KWD
USB TYPE-C MULTI HUB : Multi hub has a USB Type-C port, SD Card Reader, MicroSD Card Reader, and two USB 3.0 ports.

POWER DELIVERY: Charging your laptop while connecting multiple peripherals and transferring data; NOTE: The item can charge your computer while you work, two memory slots, two USB which will allow you to charge external items while you work (2Watt MAX), limited by high wattage.

ADDITIONAL USB TYPE-C PORT FOR CHARGING : Additional USB TYPE-C port allows you to use multiple devices simultaneously while charging without worrying about the battery. Products with high power consumption (HDD external hard disk, iPad, etc.) are supplied with stable power.

COMPACT WITH LUXURIOUS FINISH : 100x100 (mm) in size and weighs less than 25g making it the ideal traveling buddy. The multi hub is manufactured with the same high-grade aluminum material and the same surface treatment method as the MacBook. Not only the perfect traveling buddy, but one that matches too!

DISCLAIMER: As stated in under "POWER DELIVERY", the multi hub is limited by wattage. Improper use can cause product to overheat.
21.000 KD 21.0 KWD
MACBOOK DEDICATED HARD CASE - With a thickness of 1mm, the Ultra Slim Case does not hinder the MacBook's unique design. Use your MacBook without working about shock or scratch damage.
FULL PROTECTION - Upper case completely covers the top of your MacBook, while the bottom case is equipped with non-slip pads; when put together the Ultra Slim Case protects all aspects of your MacBook.
ORGANIC DESIGN - Ultra Slim Case was designed to allow full functionality and access to all features of your MacBook. Easily access your USB-C type.
PROTECTION WITHOUT THE BULK - Due to the thickness of the case, it will feel like there isn't a case at all on your MacBook.
CLEAR CASE - Since the Ultra Slim Hard Case is clear, it does not hurt your MacBook's identity when applied. Clear type cases provide minimal protection.
12.000 KD 12.0 KWD

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