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[Lightweight and extremely durable] The MagEZ Case for Huawei P40 Pro is super light but 5x as strong as steel. The aerospace-grade Aramid fibre offers protection against daily wear and tear without the bulk. Aramid fibre has a wide range of uses including the military and aerospace technologies, performance automotives and bulletproof protective gear. Aramid can be vacuum molded to fit any shape whilst providing excellent protection for your electronic devices.

[3D grip technology] The P40 Pro phone case has a nonslip texture that improves grip whilst also feeling soft to the touch. Our unique vacuum forming process retains the raw and original characteristics of Aramid, creating a sleek, smooth woven effect.

[Compatible with PITAKA's MagEZ Mount Qi for P40 Pro] Compatible with PITAKA's MagEZ Mount Qi for Huawei P40 Pro, the MagEZ P40 Pro case can easily be attached to the charger for stable wireless charging. Please note that the MagEZ P40 Pro case is only compatible with the MagEZ Mount Qi designed for Huawei P40 Pro.

[Precisely cut with an ultra-thin design] PITAKA's vacuum forming technology maintains the original form of your device and ensures easy access to buttons and switches. With a thickness of only 0.85mm, the MagEZ case adds protection without adding bulk to your phone.

[Wireless charging friendly] Unlike carbon fibre, Aramid is non-conductive and does not interfere with WIFI, GPS or phone reception allowing you to wirelessly charge without any disruptions.
15.000 KD 15.0 KWD
Building off the look and feel of our Pathfinder is the Plasma Series. Serious lightweight protection for adventurous individuals. Along with a visible honeycomb translucent look the Plasma Series takes your phone up a notch. Ready when you are!

Armor shell and impact resistant soft core

Feather-light composite construction

Oversized tactile buttons & easy access to touchscreen and ports
12.000 KD 12.0 KWD

DIAMOND GLASS edge is a flat tempered glass
screen protector with a full adhesive layer for
devices with slightly curved edges .
Compared to regular tempered glasses it covers
a larger surface of the screen, including slightly
curved edges.
The glass comes with a coloured frame to better
match the original look of the device.
• Covers the maximum surface of the screen
• The most scratch resistant (9H/8Mohs)
• Increases resistance of the screen to
impact, i.e. when dropped

Made of Japanese, flexible glass, subjected to
a 3-stage tempering process in the temperature
and during the time ensuring achievement of
the best possible parameters.
• Winner of the Connect magazine test!
• Recommended by the editorial team
of PC Format!
EasyApp® – application system for easy
installation on the screen.
It covers the maximum surface of the screen and thanks to the
special profiling it is a good alternative to the 3D tempered glass.

Scratch resistant and nearly invisible on the screen.

The most resistant hybrid glass that increases the screen’s resistance
to damage and breaking in a much better way than typical tempered
glass protectors.

It does not affect the quality of the image being displayed
nor the clarity of colors.

Excellent adhesion of the glass protector throughout
the entire use due to japanese glue.

Elegant and safe to the user’s hands.

The oleophobic surface allows for an easy removal of any impurities,
fingerprints and smudges from the screen.


EasyApp® KITTM is a set of special stickers, included in the packaging,
allowing fast and efficient installation of a film or glass screen
protector on the screen

EasyApp® CLIPTM is an application system, with which the material
is installed with the use of a special positioning clip, allowing for a
precise application of the protection on the screen for both flat and
curved-edge screens.
7.000 KD 7.0 KWD

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