The Choetech gravity car holder with a Qi wireless charger is a modern gadget that will be useful for every driver. This equipment is responsible for stable maintenance of the phone, even in the case of an uneven road surface. The advantage of the handle is a durable metal clamping arm. At the same time, it can be easily operated with one hand, which does not translate into driving comfort. Wireless, fast charging is also noteworthy, thanks to which the phone is always ready for use.


Brand: Choetech
Type: Car holder with wireless charger
Product material: fireproof ABS
Input: 5V / 2A 9V / 1.8A
Output: 5W / 7.5W / 10W
Input interface: micro USB
Way of opening and closing: Gravitational
Car charger requirements: QC3.0 / 2.0
Set contains:

1x holder with wireless charger
1x clip on the air supply ventilation grille
1x 1.2m micro USB cable
8.500 KD 8.5 KWD
Provides excellent compatibility without frequency loss. It has a built-in intelligent DAC chip.
It allows you to enjoy unparalleled sound clarity without interference. The adapter boasts a noise reduction of 95 dB.
It offers exceptional sound quality, perfect for music lovers. Supports Hi-Res 26bit/96kHz audio.
Works with USB-C and 3.5mm audio devices, ensuring universal use. The long list of compatibility includes smartphones, tablets and laptops with a USB-C input, as well as 3.5mm audio devices such as headphones, headsets, speakers and car stereo systems.
4.500 KD 4.5 KWD
Angle Adjustable
Height Adjustable
Multi Angle 85 Degree
Free adjustment
4.500 KD 4.5 KWD
For caseless iPhones with MagSafe (12 series or later, excl. 13 mini/12 mini), MagSafe and HaloLock™ cases, and standard cases with the HaloLock™ Universal Ring
Find My
Built-in module lets you track the location of your wallet in real time
Stronger Magnetic Lock
Powerful magnets ensure your wallet stays securely attached
Smart Card Storage
Securely holds 1-3 cards
12.500 KD 12.5 KWD
ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet Grip Stand
ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet Grip Stand
ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet Grip Stand
ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet Grip Stand
ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet Grip Stand
MagEZ Slider

A multi-Device Wireless Charger for Your Devices with MagSafe and Qi Wireless Charging Compatibility.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously - MagEZ Battery Pack

Slide the power pack in the specific spot to charge.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously - iPhone 14/13/12 Series

Attaching and charging your iphone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 is a snap.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously - AirPods

Adjust the magnetic stand to charge your AirPods or other Qi-enabled wireless earbuds with or without a wireless charging case.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously - Apple Watch

Plugin and charge your Apple Watch using the Power Dongle.

Your Perfect Desktop Companion

When you don't use your phone, simply mount it on the multi-device charging dock, so you can charge your mobile while you work. They will be charged up while you focus on your big project. No more sitting by your phone waiting for it to get ready when you need it. In addition, you can use it as a phone stand to Facetime or check messages.

The Smallest Multi-Device Charger

The MagEZ Slider takes only the space of a mug. Yet, it helps keep you on track to live and work more efficiently.

Slide Out and Go

The battery is not yet charged to full? Chill. Slide the MagSafe power pack and your iPhone out of the dock and charge on the go.

Slide In to Charge Your Power Bank

When you are home or back to the office, slide them into the dock, so the power pack will be juiced up again for your next adventure.

The Small yet Powerful Power Pack

With dynamic magnets, the power pack makes a mechanical sound when the phone is attached to it, so you know they're perfectly aligned for safe and reliable wireless charging.

The ergonomically designed MagSafe power pack fits comfortably in your hand. And it has battery indicators and vibration mode for a low battery.

Crafted from our signature material aramid fiber, the power pack has this durable shell with a smooth texture that exudes classic style.

Have A Little Fun

We make things that provide convenience and inspiration to bring joy and serve humans. The multi-device wireless charger has a one-of-a-kind carousel design, allowing 360-degree access to all your devices with a simple spin. And the sound of the clock ticking might help when you feel stressed or bored.


Phone charging: Compatible with iPhone 12 series & iPhone 13 series and iphone 14 series without a case or with a MagSafe case.
Earbuds charging: Charges Qi wireless charging earbuds including AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds R170 and Galaxy Buds Pro R190.

Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
Power Type C Port Input: DC 9V/2.22A
Power Type C Port Output: DC 5V/2A
Power Bank C Port Input (during wireless charging): DC 5V/2A
Power Bank C Port Input/Output: DC 5V/1.5A
Type C Port for Dongle Output: DC 5V/1A
Wireless Output: 5W
AirPods Wireless Output: 5W
Transmission Distance: ≤8mm
Transmission Efficiency: ≤75%
Aramid fiber
Zinc alloy
MagEZ Slider: 76 x 76 x 111.8mm
In the Box:

1 x MagEZ Slider Dock
1 x MagEZ Battery Pack
1 x Magnetic Earbuds Stand
1 x C to C cable
1 x Power Dongle
37.000 KD 37.0 KWD
About this item
Strong Magnetic Lock: magnets with a holding force of 1,200 g create a powerful lock on your caseless phone or phone with a MagSafe or HaloLock case, ensuring this ring holder only comes off when you want
Comfortable Grip: 0.9-inch diameter ring with a specially designed TPE lining provides a comfortable, secure grip and perfect fit for your finger
2-Way Stand: enjoy stable hands-free viewing in either portrait or landscape mode thanks to the adjustable, sturdy dual-joint design and full 360° ring of magnets
Premium and Durable: tested for more than 5,000 uses, the premium zinc-alloy build and precision-engineered hinges mean the stand stays stronger for longer
Ready for Wireless Charging: easily swap the ring out for a standard or magnetic wireless charger any time, then reattach when you’re powered up and ready to go
6.000 KD 6.0 KWD
ESR HaloLock Ring Stand
ESR HaloLock Ring Stand
ESR HaloLock Ring Stand
ESR HaloLock Ring Stand
Sold Out
ESR HaloLock Ring Stand
ESR HaloLock Ring Stand
UNLIKE OTHER GENERIC PRODUCTS THAT are mass produced, all of our goods are designed IN HOUSE FROM SCRATCH. From a concept, all the way to a finished product, every aspect of creating a product is done in-house to ensure that you get something that you WILL LOVE, WORKS PERFECTLY AND LOOKS GREAT!
THE NEW RING HOLDER HELPS you hold onto your phone and prevents dropping - the best part is that it is COMPATIBLE WITH MAGSAFE phones and cases, meaning NO MORE STICKY RESIDUE left over like other products. Turn your phone horizontally and the holder can be USED AS A PROP UP STAND!
IT LOOKS SO GOOD DUE TO its metal composition and layer of matte. The matte adds some much needed TEXTURE and GRIP. Since it's made of metal, you know the Ring Holder was MADE TO LAST.
PERFECT GIFT FOR any phone user! Great for BIRTHDAY PRESENTS for loved ones and gifts during the holiday season – ESPECIALLY CHRISTMAS and other HOLIDAYS!
elago is a DESIGN COMPANY FIRST AND FOREMOST. Our motto is SIMPLE SOPHISTICATION because we create products that are USEFUL AND AWESOME! WE ALWAYS CREATE products that WE OURSELVES USE, so we know YOU WILL LOVE IT!
7.900 KD 7.9 KWD
Elago MagSafe Metal Ring Holder
Sold Out
Elago MagSafe Metal Ring Holder
Made for MagSafe: 15W Qi wireless charger delivers optimal 7.5W charging speeds for your iPhone
One-of-a-kind glow-in-the-dark ring illuminates mount for easy locating after lights out
No-slip, weighted base holds stand steady as you attach and remove iPhone with one hand
Seamless magnetic alignment and attachment
For best experience and protection, attach to an OtterBox for MagSafe case: Defender Series XT, Slim Series, Symmetry Series+, Figura Series
Compatible phone models: iphone 13 devices/iphone 12 devices; Included components: stand holder; Compatible devices: smartphones
6.000 KD 6.0 KWD
OtterBox Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
Sold Out
OtterBox Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
-Only for iPhone 15 Pro Max

MagSafe-Style Charging
-Fully compatible with MagSafe to enable fast, easy place-and-go wireless charging

Durable Zinc-Alloy Stand
-Fully adjustable Stash Stand ensures stable viewing and 100% MagSafe access

Military-Grade Protection
-Air Guard corners keep your iPhone safe from even serious drops
7.500 KD 7.5 KWD
-UNIVERSAL STAND & ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: The aluminum alloy mount is durable and ensures your phone stays stable in any position. It provides a reliable and stable support, which can be adapted to any flat or standing surface.

-Strong Adhesive: The phone holder is compatible with all smartphones and phone cases. It has removable 3M adhesive tape that won't stain the surface of your phone, and the mount can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

-SLIM AND LIGHT: This brace is ultra-thin and lightweight, making it comfortable to use and carry. It can be used with a phone charger, and does not add any additional weight to your phone.

-Multi-angle: The stand can be adjusted to multiple angles, making it suitable for various activities such as meeting, watching movies or taking time-lapse photography. It can support your phone up to 100 degree maximum angle, allowing you to use your phone without looking down.

-How to use: Clean your phone/phone case, peel off the red adhesive protective film on the holder, stick it on the back of the phone or phone case, and hold firmly for 10 seconds. It is compatible with iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro/14 Pro Max, iPhone 13/12, Samsung Galaxy S22/S21 Series.

Stays Stable: strong adhesive easily attaches instantly and stays stable longer
Stand Your Way: watch videos horizontally or video chat vertically with adjustable angles up to 60°
Tough and Durable: made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy for rugged stability
Slim and Light: get the convenient functionality of a stand without the bulk
Wireless Charging Friendly: flexible positioning allows you to keep using wireless charging with your stand on
3.000 KD 3.0 KWD
ESR Boost Phone Kickstand, Vertical and Horizontal Stand, Adjustable Angle [Aluminium Alloy]
Sold Out
ESR Boost Phone Kickstand, Vertical and Horizontal Stand, Adjustable Angle [Aluminium Alloy]
Does not come with Apple Watch Charger, Install your own.

Keep all your devices fully charged with our multi-device charging station, the Air Omni Lite. Position-free wireless charging allows you to charge your Qi-enabled phones and earbuds wherever you place them on the pad. Switch quickly between the Type-C/Lightning connector for 18W fast charging for your cell phone or tablet, and even your Nintendo Switch! Add your own Apple Watch charging module using the built-in mount to charge your Apple Watch flat or in nightstand mode. Air Omni Lite is available in three colors and materials: Aramid, Grey Cloth, and Walnut.


Length: 8.1in (205.6mm)
Width: 6.7in (171.9mm)
Height: 1.2in (31.1mm)

Lightning/Type-C Connector Output: 18W
Qi Wireless Charging Coils Output: 7.5W/10W
AirPods Wireless Charging Area Output: 5W
Apple Watch USB Output: 5W
Type-C and Type-A Charging Ports Output: 18W (15W for dual devices)



Wireless Charging Pad

All Qi-enable Devices
Apple AirPods with wireless charging case and Samsung Galaxy Buds
Earbuds Charging Pad

Apple AirPods with wireless charging case
Samsung Galaxy Buds
Powerbeats Pro Charging Case
Apple Watch Charging Mount

Series SE/6/5/4/3/2&1 (Ceramic, Titanium, Steel, Aluminum, Sport, and Nike versions)

Compatible with original Apple watch charger (USB A)

Lightning & Type-C Toggle

All devices using Lightning or Type-C charging

Type-C Charging Port

All Type-C Charging Devices

Type-A Charging Port

All Type-A Charging Devices

The Lightning & Type-C Toggle should not be used if the device is upside down.

Materials and Tech

Aramid fiber
Chain-Coil™ Technology
Multiple wireless charging coils allow for the positionless charging of your devices.
23.000 KD 23.0 KWD
Create, capture and consume content anywhere and everywhere with the OtterBox Post
Up for MagSafe. The Post Up clicks right onto your MagSafe phone or case and flips open
for the perfect hands-free kickstand. Whether streaming a full season of your favorite show
or developing your latest viral video, the Post Up for MagSafe kickstand holds your phone
at the perfect angle. View, make and share content then press the Post Up flat and slip
your phone into your back pocket.

• Secure stand for hands-free content creating and consuming
• Snaps to cases and iPhones with MagSafe
• Reliable built-in magnets seamlessly interact with MagSafe
• Stand presses flat to stay out of the way and to slip into pockets
• Prop phone in both portrait and landscape orientations
• Use stand as a grip for another way to hold your phone
• Soft touch durable material
• Works flawlessly with OtterBox cases for MagSafe*
• Hassle-free customer service
4.900 KD 4.9 KWD
RainDesign m Stand 360 wit swivel base transforms your notebooks into a stylish and stable workstation so you can work comfortably and share ideas with others spontaneously at the push of a finger.

-Swivel base lets you share your ideas with friends and coworkers.
-Solid single piece aluminum design provides stablility.
-Aluminum cools your notebook by acting as heat sink.
-Tilt design brings notebook screen closer to you.
-Tilt design improves the airflow of your notebook.
-Anodized aluminum matches Macbooks.
-Cable outlet keeps your desk organized.
-Space to stash keyboard.
-Fits Macbooks and compatible with most notebook.

Brand: RainDesign
19.000 KD 19.0 KWD
Rain Design mStand360 Laptop Stand w/ Swivel Base
Rain Design mStand360 Laptop Stand w/ Swivel Base
Rain Design mStand360 Laptop Stand w/ Swivel Base
Angle/height-adjustable stand ensures precise angle and eye level viewing.
Angle-adjustment 0 to 45 degree. Tilts iPad Pro with a simple push/pull.
Height-adjustment 2.5 to 5.5 inches (65-140mm). Raises iPad Pro with a simple slide-'n'-lock.
Acoustic base provides clearer sound. Cable outlet for easy management
For using iPad/iPad Air/iPad Pro 11" as a second display for MacBook with mStand.
23.000 KD 23.0 KWD
Rain Design mStand Tablet Pro Universal 9.7" to 12.9 Tablet Stand
Rain Design mStand Tablet Pro Universal 9.7" to 12.9 Tablet Stand
RainDesign m Stand transforms your notebook into a stylish and stable workstation so you can work comfortably and safety all day.

-Solid single piece aluminum design provides stability
-Aluminum cools your notebook by acing as heat sink.
-Tilt design bring notebook screen closer to you.
-Tilt design improves the airflow of your notebook.
-Anodized aluminum matches Macbook.
-Cable outlet keeps you desk organized.
-Space to stash keyboard.
-Fits all Macbook and compatible with most notebooks.

Brand: RainDesign
15.000 KD 15.0 KWD
Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand
Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand
Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand
EDGE® Kit entails of a mount made to hold the phone to always have it close to the main screen of the device used to work. The mount is also made to hold the 280 lumens EDGE® Light and the 15W EDGE® Universal Wireless Charger.

EDGE® Mount
The EDGE® Mount serves as the basic component of the ecosystem, where you can attach your phone, your wireless charger, or your light.
Thanks to its magnetic system, your phone can become an essential tool to improve the management of your tasks. Always have charted in sight, work on mobile interfaces in real-time, live-stream your gameplay and share your presentation while still seeing other hosts during online meetings. When not in use, the EDGE® Mount is as thin as 4 credit cards.

EDGE® Universal Wireless Charger
The EDGE® 15W Wireless Charger is fully compatible with iPhone MagSafe devices (12 and above), as well as iPhone 8 and above and all Android devices that support wireless charging. It's made of CNC machined aluminum and with N52 magnets.

EDGE® Light
Light up your calls, EDGE® Light is the missing piece to drastically improve the quality of your online meetings. Thanks to its built-in battery, you can use it with or without a cable.
280 lumens of pure brightness! Good lighting can be the difference between a professional and an amateur Zoom call. The EDGE Light is designed with your meetings in mind. You can also choose between three levels of brightness.

Designed with love in Switzerland ❤️
18.000 KD 18.0 KWD
Made to rise above every challenge and built to take your iPad to the next level, this protective Zugu case looks as good as it functions.

2021 iPad Mini Gen 6 (Model #s A2567, A2568, A2569)

Dimensions: 8.66" x 5.9" x 0.55"
Weight: 7.65 ounces
19.500 KD 19.5 KWD
Zugu Case iPad mini 6th GEN
Zugu Case iPad mini 6th GEN
Zugu Case iPad mini 6th GEN
Sold Out
Zugu Case iPad mini 6th GEN

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