Lifeproof Water Bottle h2o aluminum classic 24 oz (710ml) - matte black
5.000 KD 5.0 KWD
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The HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount allows you to securely attach even the largest smartphones, with or without cases, to a handlebar so that you can easily see and access your devices while riding, walking, or running. Made from lightweight expandable silicone with an aluminum base at its core, the single band securely wraps around nearly any sized bar - including bicycles, jogging strollers, and shopping carts. The split-strap design holds phones securely while making it easy to see your maps, apps, and more.

It can be positioned wherever you want, attached and removed as often as you need, and is designed to allow full functionality of your smartphone while it's in place. View maps, talk to Siri, use your training apps, or video camera - or even use your phone as a bike light at night - all while keeping your smartphone safe and accessible. The flexible nature of silicone gives the HandleBand the capability to secure and wrap other objects, too (like flashlights or bike pumps) for functionality that fits your lifestyle.

Simple, versatile, and with a streamlined design, the HandleBand is the perfect way to stay connected on even the longest rides.

Bonus: it functions as a bottle opener, too!

Universal design fits nearly every smartphone, including plus-sizes, with or without a case
Conveniently accessible to attach and remove smartphone without having to remove the HandleBand from the bar
Split Strap allows for visibility and accessibility to the screen while still attached to HandleBand
Easily attaches to most common bar diameters in either horizontal or perpendicular configuration
Simple, robust design holds your device securely, even during off-road riding
Aluminum base piece functions as a convenient bottle opener
If theft prevention of HandleBand is a concern, the unique base piece is designed so that it can be secured to your handlebar with zip ties or cable ties
Lightweight & durable
Fits most bar diameters
Dimensions: 2.2in x 2in x 3.75in | 55mm x 50mm x 95mm
Weight: 3.7oz | 105g
7.500 KD 7.5 KWD
NiteIze HandleBand® Universal Smartphone Bar Bike Mount
NiteIze HandleBand® Universal Smartphone Bar Bike Mount
NiteIze HandleBand® Universal Smartphone Bar Bike Mount
NiteIze HandleBand® Universal Smartphone Bar Bike Mount
Pack of 2

A new twist on our classic SpokeLit, this SpokeLit with Disc-O Select choose-your-color technology, allows cyclists to set their SpokeLit to one of six colors, or to leave it cycling through color-changing Disc-O mode. Illuminated by a bright, efficient LED and housed in a sleek water and shock-resistant body, this SpokeLit will fit most three-spoke pattern wheels providing valuable, active side visibility and that certain cool factor for riders of all types. To use the SpokeLit, simply press the groove into the spoke of your wheel and slide it toward the rim until it is secure. To turn it on, press once, then to choose your color, simply press again during the first cycle when it lands on the color you like. If you don't choose a color it will continue to cycle through all the colors in Disc-O mode. Now you are ready to ride, and the SpokeLit will create the attention-grabbing effect of a moving circle of light to keep you seen and safe.

Fits most three-spoke cross pattern wheels
Easily attaches - tool-free installation
New Disc-O Select has six selectable colors and Disc-O color-changing mode
Shock and weather resistant
2x replaceable 2016 3V lithium batteries included
Battery run time: 20 hours
Dimensions: 4.7" x 1.4" x 1.1" | 120mm x 36mm x 28mm
Weight: .95oz | 27g
7.500 KD 7.5 KWD
The small but mighty necksaviour. 2 stretch options and perfect for travel.

necksaviour Mini can help with:

- Neck pain
- Headaches
- Muscle tension
- Neck alignment and posture

necksaviour Mini key features:

- Easy to use
- Comfortable
- Light or strong stretch
- Weighs just 58gs
- Perfect for travel

Just bend it, relax on it and feel the stretch....again and again !
13.000 KD 13.0 KWD
Large and Colored Screen
Sponge Move HR 2 has a coloured IPS, 0,96 inch screen that is touch-sensitive. Adjust the screen to your character by picking a preferred screen theme.

Receive notifications about incoming calls, Facebook, Gmail, Skype and other messages on the screen. Access them at any time, as they are stored in the internal memory. Nonetheless, you can reject incoming calls by a single tap on the screen.

Training Modes
Train more effectively with 7 different training modes. Whether you are running, cycling or playing tennis, you will be able to check the duration, moving speed, traveled distance, heart rate, achieved goals and other data.

ResistanceSponge Move HR 2 is resistant to water splashes (IP67), dust and sweat, so it will perfectly suit your active lifestyle.

Real Time Heart Rate Monitor
During training, the wristband displays your heart rate, so you will be able to optimize the intensity by seeing which cardio zone you are in – fat burn, aerobic, anaerobic, etc.

Easy Charging and Long-lasting Battery
The battery of Sponge Move HR 2 stays charged for up to 7 days. The charging itself just can’t be easier – simply plug the wristband to a USB port for half an hour, with no extra wires, and go back to training!

Sleep Monitoring and Silent Alarm
With Move HR 2 you will be able to watch over your sleep phases. With the help of the vibrating alarm, integrated into the bracelet, you can wake up with little to no stress and minimal noise.
18.000 KD 9.000 KD 9.0 KWD
Polar V650 Cycling Computer Gear up, get up and go!
Polar's first integrated GPS Cycling Computer is the smartest yet. Built with the devoted cyclist in mind, this device allows you to analyze all aspects of your ride to enhance your cycling performance. Its sleek design and easy-to-navigate touch screen are simply a bonus to the precise metric tracking the Polar V650 features.

*Tracks your route with its integrated GPS 2.8" color touch screen allows you to easily follow every detail of your ride
*Built-in barometric pressure sensor provides you with the most accurate altitude reading
*Gives you insight into your training load and recovery time needed After your session, it gives you instant feedback
*Use the Polar Flow app to plan and analyze your cycling training
*Compatible with the Polar Bluetooth Smart sensors
*What's in the Box: Polar V650 cycling computer USB cable Adjustable bike mount Polar V650 Getting Started Guide
95.000 KD 95.0 KWD
Polar OH1 is an optical heart rate monitor that combines versatility, comfort and simplicity. You can use it both as a standalone device and pair it with various fitness apps, sports watches and smart watches, thanks to Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.

The Polar OH1 + product package includes a swimming goggle strap clip for easy use in the pool.

The small and handy Polar OH1 is your companion in entering the world of heart rate training. It helps you to train smarter, not harder.

The connectivity options on Polar OH1 are abundant. You can use the Bluetooth and ANT+ connections simultaneously and get your heart rate streamed to multiple devices in real time.

ANT+ Bluetooth

Polar OH1 is a great companion to Polar Beat, Polar’s free fitness and training app. With Polar OH1 and Polar Beat you get live heart rate data right on the screen of your phone and audio guidance to your headphones during your workout.

Your aquatic as well as solid ground sports are all equally tracked by Polar OH1.

You can wear Polar OH1 on both your upper and lower arm. It’s easy to put on and take off anywhere, anytime. The armband is changeable and has stylish colors.

Take your phone with you or leave it behind: you have a wealth of options to cover all your needs.

Polar OH1 works with all Bluetooth-compatible Polar sports watches, trackers and cycling computers.

Polar OH1 streams real-time heart rate to many popular fitness apps on both iOS and Android phones.

Prefer training without a watch or phone? Polar OH1 has an internal memory that can store up to 200 hours of training data.

Afterwards you can easily sync your data to the Polar Beat app.

29.000 KD 29.0 KWD
Keep your apps and maps conveniently accessible whether you are on a ride, running with a jogging stroller, or keeping the kids entertained in a grocery cart. This high-quality design offers a secure hold that can handle even the roughest terrain with confidence. With 360 degrees of rotation, your phone can be easily changed from portrait to landscape or anywhere in between so that your screen is always easy to view. The Wraptor fits standard and plus-sized phones, with or without a case, as well as most handlebar sizes. The universal mount makes this rotating smartphone holder so versatile, it can be mounted on stems, handlebars, and more making it so handy that you'll be surprised at all the places you'll use it.

This rotating universal smartphone mount allows mounting on both handlebars and stems, so you can easily view in portrait or landscape
Durable smartphone harness fits even the largest phones, with or without a case
Unique design allows quick-and-easy 360° rotation of phone
Universal mounting strap is compatible with most handlebars, stroller handles, grocery carts, and more
Securely holds phone in place, on and off road
Tool-free mounting strap is simple to attach, holds secure, and allows quick removal for security purposes
Dimensions: 2.5in x 1.25in x 5.2in | 65mm x 30mm x 130mm
Weight: 1.8 oz | 51g
6.000 KD 6.0 KWD
Polar M600 Waterproof OS by Google™ Smartwatch for Fitness & Sports
92.000 KD 92.0 KWD
Polar M430 is a GPS Running Watch With Heart rate
67.000 KD 67.0 KWD

Capture moments with Sponge Surfcam, a camera featuring high-quality video recording, water resistance and convenient attachment to different locations / items / surfaces. Sponge Surfcam supports 1080p 60fps video and 12 megapixel picture quality. A special, waterproof tray will allow you to dive to a depth of 30 meters. Thanks to the integrated 2 ″ screen, you can easily control the camera. Wi-Fi lets you connect your phone to a camcorder and view video, change settings, or remotely control the camera.

From the beaten to the professional

Sponge Surfcam filming 1080p 30/60 fps, 720p 120fps, 4k 25 fps. Enjoy high quality slow-motion video. Now with the Sponge Surfcam image is much brighter and more realistic. The wide 170-degree shooting angle will cover the image at a wide angle, making your footage more attractive.

Capture the most extreme moments

A special waterproof and dustproof case will give you the opportunity to capture the most extreme moments. With Sponge Surfcam, you'll be able to drill at a depth of 30 meters, attach the camera to a sailboat, helmet, bike, motorcycle, car or other items.

Wi-Fi management

Sponge Surfcam has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect the camera to a mobile phone or tablet. A special gadget will allow you to monitor and manage your image in real time, change settings, view captured moments
35.000 KD 17.500 KD 17.5 KWD
The easy-to-attach Nite Ize LED SpokeLit is the perfect way to increase your visibility, safety, and cool factor when you're riding your bike in the dark. Fueled by an efficient LED, this handy little device has two illumination modes - steady glow and continuous flash - to choose from. Press it onto the spokes of your wheel and slide towards the rim until the fit is tight, and it stays securely in place. And, here's the fun part: the SpokeLit not only marks your bike plainly in the dark, when you're riding at medium speed or faster, it creates the attention-getting effect of a moving circle of light. Water and shock resistant, it fits almost all kids' and adults' bike sizes.

Fits most common 3 spoke cross pattern wheels
Easily attaches - no tools required
Stays secure, even during off-road riding
Shock and weather resistant
Available in Disc-O (micro chip controlled - cycles through the color spectrum)
Easily replaceable 2 x 2016 3V lithium battery included
Battery run time:
- Glow mode: 20 hours
- Flash mode: 25 hours
3.250 KD 3.25 KWD
When the light is poor, Nite Ize See'Em turns bicycle wheels from \ "hard to spot \" to \ "impossible to miss. \" Easy to attach and reposition and molded of tough, durable plastic, they are backed with stainless steel Steel clips specially designed to snap securely on oval, round, and bladed (flat) bicycle spokes.

A bright, long-lasting LED (powered by a replaceable lithium battery) is activated by a simple twist, and can be seen even in the darkest night to keep you seen and safe while riding your bike. Not only that - when the wheels are spinning, See'Em create the ultra-attention-getting effect of a moving circle of light. Use one or several on each wheel to create your own signature bands of color.

- Each package contains two See'Em LED Mini Spoke Lights
- Bright LED illumination
- Twist on / off
- Glow mode - compact, convenient illumination
- Battery Run time: 24 Hours
- Each See'Em includes replaceable 1 x 927 3V lithium battery
- Weather resistant
- Easy to attach and remove on most common speech types - oval, round and flat
- Product Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 20 mm (single unit)
- Weight: 5g (single unit)
2.500 KD 2.5 KWD
Sponge Move HR

Sponge Move HR is a fitness band model with real time heart rate monitoring. It tracks your steps, distance and calories, helps you achieve your sport target and shows your heart rate graphic. It tracks your sleep quality and reminds you to stay active. Read text message and get notifications from your mobile phone, reject an incoming call.
17.000 KD 8.500 KD 8.5 KWD

1.48″ Capacitive Touch Screen
Stopwatch function
Make calls
Time / Date / Week / Battery state display
Play the music in your phone (after Bluetooth paring)
Ringing reminder once your mobile phone disconnected
Sync phone book / SMS / call history (only for android phone)
Altitude Meter, vibration, barometer
Remote control shooting
Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype and other notification alert
Anti-lost alarm function
Pedometer and sleep tracking function
Package content: bluetooth watch, USB cable, manual
15.000 KD 7.500 KD 7.5 KWD

The Sponge Surfwatch watch is designed for active people who want to wear the same watch not only at work, business meetings or parties, but also when traveling, fishing, exercising or even sailing and sailing. The watch is waterproof and can be submerged to a depth of 50 meters. The Sponge Surfwatch CR2032 battery is long-lasting, it doesn't have to be charged, the clock will run for up to one year. It's a smart watch with an activity tracking feature that calculates steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and you can monitor it all on your phone through a dedicated application for Android and iOS phones. You'll also see all messages, messages, or other reminders coming to your phone in the clock.
29.900 KD 14.950 KD 14.95 KWD
Lightweight, flexible construction balances comfort and performance
​Padded and breathable materials stay comfortable during any activity
​Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of body types and over heavy winter jackets
​Specially designed quick-release buckle lets you get in and out easily-even with gloves on
​Stable platform for capturing incredibly immersive hands-free footage with GoPro cameras and Karma Grip
14.500 KD 5.800 KD 5.8 KWD
Product Highlights:

Easily Locks Smartphone in Place
Adheres to Phones, Many Cases
Magnetic and Mechanical Closure
Easy Mounting and Removal
18.000 KD 18.0 KWD
Our popular SlapLit LED Slap Wrap is now rechargeable! Featuring the fun and convenience of a slap bracelet, the SlapLit allows you to add a bright, easily activated LED to your wrist, arm, or ankle for instant nighttime visibility. Lightweight and durable, the SlapLit features a reflective pattern, glow and flash modes, and recharges easily using a micro USB cable (not included). Perfect for nighttime fitness and fun.

Steel spring band design creates secure hold
Bright push-button activated LED
Glow or flash modes
Available in neon yellow (green LEDs) or red (red LEDs)
Fabric features passively reflective pattern
Recharges in approximately 1.5 hours using micro USB cable (not included)
Run time: 5 hours
Dimensions: 13.8" x 1.4" x 0.4" | 249mm x 34mm x 10mm
Weight: 1.2oz | 35g
8.000 KD 8.0 KWD
Product Description
Nite Ize is known for providing innovative, high quality lighting solutions to keep people and their pets seen and safe during their active pursuits. These versatile bike lights are ideal for adding visibility to everything from family bike rides to bicycle bar crawls. The TwistLit LED Bike Light is great to use as a front or rear indicator light, available in white or red LEDs, or to add some colorful fun to your bicycle, it’s available in color-changing Disc-O LED. It can be set to continuous glow or high-visibility flashing modes with just the press of a button. Featuring a long-lasting LED module encased in specially formed housings, the TwistLit is designed with a curved back that rests snugly against the round surfaces on your bike or scooter. Grooves on each side hold sturdy, flexible rubber Gear Ties in place - with ends to wrap through, over, around, or under the front and rear of bicycle handle bars, seat posts or racks of nearly any size.
Twist closed, and you're done. The bright, long-lasting, battery-powered LED is activated with a simple push of a button - white in front illuminates your path and tells people you're heading their way, red clearly marks the rear wheel and signals your orientation to other commuters, and multi-colored disco is the universal signal for wild and crazy fun.
Endlessly versatile, secure, and easy to reposition, the TwistLit is perfect for bikes, scooters, jogging strollers - just about anything on wheels that you want people to see. These lights come with easily replaceable, long-lasting batteries. Keep your crew seen and safe with the TwistLit LED Bike Light by Nite Ize.
Nite Ize has been creating innovative, solution-based products with quality, performance and value at the core for over 25 years. Based in Boulder, Colorado, we aim to continue offering imaginative and innovative products that make our customers' lives easier, safer and more fun.

From the Manufacturer
With a quick turn of the wrist, the versatile, visible Nite Ize TwistLit attaches to anything on wheels, making it easy to spot in every kind of light. Features a long-lasting LED module (one white, one red, to universally signal front and rear wheels) that is encased in specially formed housings, with curved backs that rest snugly against the round surfaces on your bike or scooter. Grooves on each side hold sturdy, flexible rubber Gear Ties in place—with ends to wrap through, over, around, or under the front and rear of bicycle handle bars, seat posts or racks of nearly any size. Twist closed, and you're done
3.250 KD 3.25 KWD
NiteIze TwistLit™ LED Bicycle/Bike Light With Versatile Attachment, Bike Safety Light
Sold Out
NiteIze TwistLit™ LED Bicycle/Bike Light With Versatile Attachment, Bike Safety Light
Sold Out
Sold Out

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