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5.000 KD 1.000 KD 1.0 KWD

5.000 KD

LifeProof Fre for iPhone 6
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5.000 KD 1.000 KD 1.0 KWD

5.000 KD


Protect your iPhone 6 from water, sand, snow, and shock with the LifeProof Fre cover. This cover features built-in screen protection to protect the touch screen from scratches. Its steel design can withstand water immersion to 6.6 feet for an hour and can withstand a 6.6-foot occurrence

Features and specifications:

-Waterproof, dust, snow and shock

- The incidence of the occurrence of 6.6 feet

- Immersion water to 6.6 feet for one hour

- Integrated screen protection

- Sound enhancement system

- Professional cover for photographic lens

- black col

Color: Black

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